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My name is Paul Leduc, I’m an independent Game Developer passionate by video games and their conception.

I created this website to be able in one hand to show a part of my most important projects, that you can find here, and in an other hand to host a series of Game Design articles where I study the elements that may have made the success of some great games. You can find these articles on this page (an english version will soon come up).

I’m also today interested to join a team of motivated and passionate game developers to work with them and create the best possible games.

In this regard, if you are interested in my skills, or you simply want to talk about game creation ( it will be with great pleasure), do not hesitate to contact me by email at: paul.led.contact@gmail.com

Or on Linkedin or Twitter.

Finally, if you want more informations about my career and my skills, you can view my resume.

Thanks and have a nice visit!